Natural materials and biodegradable tableware with plastic as the main component

Natural materials and biodegradable tableware with plastic as the main component

There are two types of materials used for degradable tableware: one is made of natural materials, such as paper products, straw, starch, etc., which is fully degradable and is also called an environmentally friendly product; the other is made of plastic as the main component and added with starch , photosensitizers and other substances, and can be partially degraded.

Cornstarch based tableware

Corn starch-based tableware is a common biodegradable lunch box on the market. The main source of starch is corn, so it is sometimes called corn starch-based. However, this type of lunch box is actually made of starch and traditional petroleum.

Mixed plastics based on PP and others are called bio-based abroad.

Corn starch-based tableware collapses the physical properties of the entire material through the biodegradation of starch. However, the petroleum-based PP after collapse is still non-degradable. The degradation rate can reach 40%-80% depending on the ingredients of the lunch box, so it can only be regarded as degradable. Lunch boxes, but not fully degradable. Therefore, corn starch-based tableware can only replace plastic products to a certain extent, and is a substitute for the controversial plastic tableware currently on the market.

Pulp molded tableware (plant fiber molded tableware)

In terms of raw materials, pulp molded disposable lunch boxes are made from plant fibers such as wheat straw and sugarcane bagasse without adding any PP materials. They are formed through the pulp molding wet pressing process, and food-grade additives such as waterproof and oil-proof are added to the pulp. , to achieve the effect of holding hot and cold food. Plant fiber biodegradable lunch boxes are also one of the most active types of lunch boxes currently on the market. Take Hainan Province, which took the lead in banning plastics, as an example. Hainan Province has completely banned the use, circulation, sale, and storage of plastic tableware. Pulp molded tableware is undoubtedly Become an ideal plastic replacement. Sugarcane pulp disposable lunch boxes are fully degradable lunch boxes, which can be completely degraded into organic matter in 90 days under industrial composting or household composting conditions. Returning to nature, it is a truly completely degradable material and has the ability to be used on the road to banning plastics. Certain superiority.

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