1. Wooden Coffee Stirrer Sticks are of excellent quality and will not easily break.
2. Wooden Coffee Stirrer Sticks can be used to stir cold or hot drinks.
3. Wooden Coffee Stirrer Sticks are made from environmentally friendly materials.

Product introduction of Wooden Coffee Stirrer Sticks:

Eco-friendly Wooden Coffee Stick are a common coffee utensil usually made of natural wood. It is shaped like an elongated stick, thinner at one end and wider at the other. Long and slow is convenient for stirring the coffee liquid in the coffee cup. The main function of the Disposable Coffee Stick Wooden is to stir up coffee. During the coffee making process, you can use a stirring stick to thoroughly mix the coffee powder and hot water to make the coffee taste more uniform. The wide end of Biodegradable Wooden Coffee Sticks is usually designed to be flat, which can better stir the coffee powder at the bottom of the coffee cup, ensuring a richer taste and flavor. Eco-friendly Wooden Coffee Sticks will not have any impact on the taste of coffee. Compared to metal or plastic stirrers, wooden stirrers do not release any odor and maintain the original taste of coffee.

Eco-friendly Wooden Coffee Stick

Specifications of Wooden Coffee Stirrer Sticks:

Length: 110mm, 140mm, 160mm, 178mm, 190mm

Disposable Coffee Stick Wooden

Product Benefits of Wooden Coffee Stirrer Sticks:

1. Eco-friendly Wooden Coffee Stick itself does not react with coffee, so when you use a wooden stirring stick to stir coffee, it will not change the taste or quality of the coffee.

2. Disposable Coffee Stick Wooden have a better texture, a comfortable hand feel, are not easy to slide, and are more convenient to use.

3. Biodegradable Wooden Coffee Sticks can be used repeatedly will not be damaged or deformed due to increased use, and have a long service life.

4. Eco-friendly Wooden Coffee Stick has good high temperature resistance and can be used for hot coffee or other hot drinks without being scalded.

5. Disposable Coffee Stick Wooden is environmentally friendly. Since it is made of natural wood and does not contain any chemicals, so it will not cause pollution to the environment during use.

Biodegradable Wooden Coffee Sticks

Service guarantee provided by the enterprise:

Service quality is the core competitiveness of enterprise development. Through continuous learning and exploration, our company will also further strengthen its commitment and responsibility to customers by providing a full range of safeguard measures.

Eco-friendly Wooden Coffee Stick

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